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Lakeland Thunderbirds
Middle School Football Team

The concept of our football program is ALL
about the players and their development. 

The coaching staff's main goals are:

1.) To instill an understanding of how hard work in academics and athletics can pave the way to a successful future.

2.)To teach our team how to play the game of football in a safe manner while utilizing correct technique and having fun along the way.

3.) To have a positive impact on our players.

We will be the classiest players, parents, and coaches in every game we play. Players will play with a respect for teammates, coaches, opposition, and the referees. Players will live up to the following expectations:

1.) To be a good student and achieve in the classroom.

2.) To adhere to the Athletic Code of Conduct.

3.) Respect their teachers, coaches, teammates, opponents, officials and fans.

4.) Represent their school, uniform, family, and the Lakeland area in a positive manner.

We are firm believers that this game is as much mental as it is physical.The mental part of the game may be more difficult, but it can be taught and can be learned by our players. We are demanding of our student athletes. We demand their attention, their all out effort, and their concentration.

We truly believe that the family is the most important institution in the lives of these children. One of the greatest lessons that parents can teach is that the coaches' decisions are to be respected and that the needs of the team come before the wants of an individual. That principle is a great life lesson that will surely help your child in the real world. The best situation for all of us is for parents to trust us as coaches and empower your child.

The measure of our success will come from giving our best effort in every game we play and how we improve day to day and week to week.We know that if the players put their work in at practice and on their own time, and give us their best effort, we will be able to play with any team we line up against.

We are fortunate to be given the tremendous opportunity to build something great for the future of Lakeland Thunderbird football.Our student athletes will grow together and learn some lessons that will go well beyond their football experience. If all players, parents, and coaches work together and do their part we will all be proud of the end result.

From the Lakeland Thunderbird Middle School Football Coaches:

"Thank you for the opportunity to coach your child".

Bob Nowak
Matt Volkman
Creigton Teter
Matt Langheim