Welcome to the Minocqua J1 Athletic Department

The mission of our athletic program is to promote athletic and character text45_13.jpgexcellence through a variety of learning experiences. Our goal is to help each student reach his/her individual potential. If goals and dreams are achieved as an athlete, it is because of dedication and responsibility in the gymnasium and the athletic fields as well as in the classroom.  

Involvement and participation in athletics should help students develop a positive and sportsmanlike manner during competitive situations, as well as growth physically, emotionally, and socially.  Although participation is voluntary and open to all students, the Minocqua J1 School District has set high standards as a requirement for participation.  These standards include academic requirements, citizenship, good sportsmanship, exemplary personal conduct, and loyalty.  Each participant will be held responsible to follow not only the school rules, but also the rules of the athletic department and their individual team rules.

Thank you for the opportunity to coach your child.  If all players, parents, and coaches work together, we will all be proud of the end result.  Let's make the 2015-16 school year a year of memories, great experiences, and a building block for the future.