MHLT Elementary

Scope and Sequence

The scope and sequence is an important step in the design of effective teaching and learning programs for a course. It summarises what is to be taught and the sequence in which it will be taught. A scope and sequence shows the order of the units within a year or stage, and the outcomes that each unit addresses.

4K  Reading & Math

Kindergarten   ELA & Math  Spanish

1st Grade   ELA   Math  &  Spanish

2nd Grade   ELA   Math  &  Spanish

3rd Grade    ELA   Math  &  Spanish

4th Grade    ELA   Math  &  Spanish

5th Grade    ELA   Math  Science   &  Spanish

6th Grade    ELA   Math  &  Science

7th Grade    ELA  &  Math 

8th Grade    ELA  &  Math 

Middle School  Spanish I   Spanish II  &  Spanish III